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So Your Thai Girl Wants You To Drive Volume Two-Part 2 Jay-Walking

To drive in Thailand, and especially in Bangkok, requires a whole new set of knowledge you may have never acquired in your home country. For starters, listen to your Thai girl. She will be a good source of information

So Your Thai Girl Wants You To Drive Volume Two – Part 1 Jay-Walking

The reason why Thai girl looks at you expectantly is that she wants you to drive her all over Bangkok. She may also wants you to drive her home to her village. Get your mindset to tackle the insanity of the Thai roadways.Grab your Thai girl by the hand, lead her to the car, open her door and get her seated comfortably. Now you’re off on your driving journey.

Strange Facts About Thailand and Thai Girls: Floods In Bangkok

With the excitement of meeting a sensational Thai girl comes a growing curiosity in every man's mind. It’s natural to do some research so you can relate to her. Thai girls love Thailand and are very proud of it which means that there may be things she won't be telling you but you’ll just have to learn on your own. This article will let you know about the strange facts in Thailand.

So Your Thai Girl Wants You To Drive Volume One – Part 3

There’s no two-ways about it, driving in Bangkok is like negotiating a minefield. One of the biggest perils you’ll face is dealing with the ever -present motorcycles. Bangkok's Streets Are Packed With Cars, Motorbikes And Pretty Thai Girls.

Strange Facts About Thailand and Thai Girls: Can You Watch Western Sports In Thailand?

Thais love football and the games come in from all over the world. If you’re a football fan (soccer as North Americans call it) you’re in luck. Football plays 24/7 on televisions all over Thailand. On regular TV, on cable, on satellite, the options are infinite. One Of The Best Ways To Keep Updated On The Latest Sport Events With Your Thai Girl Is Online.